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4th edition of the "Grand Prix des Entreprises de croissance"

4th edition of the "Grand Prix des Entreprises de croissance"

4th edition of the "Grand Prix des Entreprises de croissance"

4th edition of the "Grand Prix des Entreprises de croissance" 

4th edition of the "Grand Prix des Entreprises de croissance" :

French economic champion Delta Dore

awarded for its strong growth and winning strategy.

At the fourth edition of the "Grand Prix des entreprises de croissance", hosted by Leaders League, in collaboration with the Ministry for the Economy and Finance, Delta Dore was honoured by being selected as French economic champion with a turnover between €100 million and €1 billion in the "Electronic and Robotics" category. This award outlines the dynamic and successful strategy adopted by the group, which specialises in providing home comfort and energy management solutions. Delta Dore, already a leading company in France when it comes to home products and connected buildings, has now set its sights on conquering the European market.

Company with best growth in Electronics and Robotics

Nearly 50 years of research, innovation and investments in the digital sector have allowed the family company to begin exporting its successful brand, which represents cutting edge know-how and is emblematic of a business sector where France is particularly strong.

Today, the middle-market company from Brittany received the Grand Prix award for company with the best growth. Over a period of 5 years the Group has increased its turnover by 20% by focusing its strategy on 5 main areas with strong growth:

  • International growth: through its 8 subsidiaries around the world and its network of business partners in more than 40 countries, almost a third of the Group's turnover now comes from exports.
  • Controlled sharing of internal working: allows technological compatibility of the group's X3D communication protocol with a continually growing network partner brands, currently 120.
  • Diversification of products offered: by also starting to supply services and providing an initial offer of a home surveillance system rather than just continuing to offer connected alarm systems to provide a better match for public demand.
  • External growth: by purchasing shares in start-ups with good technological potential (MYXYTY, Kiwatch, etc.), and also acquiring companies like SPEGA in Germany, the group gained access to new markets and new technology.
  • Innovation: by devoting 10% of its turnover to, and employing 150 researchers for, its R&D, the Group currently holds over 35 trademarks and has become the only company on the market that can offer a single interface to control all home objects.

"We are honoured to receive this award as the French company with the best growth. This recognition has validated the company's choice of strategy, placing us at the forefront of the home object and connected building sector. We would now like to do this on a European level. We will soon generate over two thirds of our turnover abroad, with an equal spread of sales between goods and services, while maintaining our R&D spend in France to ensure high quality levels and preserve jobs". Marcel Torrents, President of Delta Dore's Executive Board.

The jury of the "Grand Prix des Entreprises de Croissance", composed of directors of companies that have won previous editions, representatives of industrial partners and sponsors, went beyond highlighting Delta Dore's stability and profitability, its rapid rise and potential for further growth, and its capacity for innovation, as they also underlined the company's strong social and environmental responsibility policies, and its collaborative and supportive management system.