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The universal home and building automation solution for controlling everything in the home or in small businesses

Unlike standard home and building automation solutions which often have only traditional control features (e.g. lighting, air conditioning, ventilation, blinds),Lifedomus also controls audio and home cinema equipment and provides a complete management solution for swimming pools or watering the garden. Lifedomus is the universal remote control for all equipment, for control anywhere from a PC, tablet or smartphone (iOS and Android).

Each user can be granted different rights for each item of equipment and action, locally or remotely. The Lifedomus control interface can be fully customised for the user.

Accomplished multi-protocol management for real interoperability

Lifedomus technology is open with integrated protocol management for the main, internationally recognised wired and radio protocols, such as KNX, EnOcean, Zwave, Modbus and X3D. Real interoperability is implemented in our supervision solutions, making all items of equipment "compatible" with each other. It is thus possible to choose the best technical equipment based on requirements, independently of brand or protocol used.

Lifedomus also manages multiple audio/video protocols in order to control all equipment in homes with the Sonos multi-room system and Dune HD video players or video projectors for a meeting room.

A fully customisable graphic interface

Lifedomus has been designed to allow the user to take control of everyday equipment: everything which can be controlled or remotely controlled can be centralised and operated using Lifedomus. Scenarios include one or more areas of application which can be endlessly modified. All of these control interfaces use current design codes in their graphics rendering and multi-touch operation.

Graphics can be customised and modified to meet the requirements of the individual: design and photos changed, buttons moved, or functions added/deleted. All modifications to the interface are done without programming, always in a simple, user-friendly way, either directly or remotely. That's real customisation.

The most innovative part for customising the interface incorporates a range of functions patented by Lifedomus. It's an innovation which is unique in the world of home and building automation.



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